Dentures and Partial Dentures

Dentures and Partials

Restoring Smiles with Custom Dentures and Partials

Have missing teeth turned your smile into a frown? An incomplete smile will alter your appearance and diminish your quality of life. Dr. Kidwell and Dr. Albus use dentures and partials to restore smiles and return oral comfort and function.

Full dentures contain an upper and lower row of prosthetic teeth on a gum-colored base. If you’ve lost all your teeth to decay, damage, or disease, dentures will return your treasured smile and let you talk, eat, and laugh with confidence. Dentures are typically held in place with adhesive but may be secured with dental implants.

Your dentist may recommend a partial denture, or partial if you have some healthy teeth remaining. Partials fill the gaps left by missing teeth and are usually secured with metal clasps attached to neighboring teeth.

Call our Dallas dental office today to schedule your dentures or partial appointment with Dr. Kidwell or Dr. Albus. We provide personalized service and quality care to residents of Dallas and surrounding areas.

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